“The Radio Preservation Task Force of the Library of Congress” with Dr. Josh Shepperd

September 14, 2017, 6:30 p.m.
Byron Auditorium – 205 Columbus School of Law

In this talk, Professor Josh Shepperd describes current discourses among federal policymakers and program coordinators regarding the relationship between digital humanities, material preservation, curation and accessibility, and the organization of federal task forces like the Radio Preservation Task Force (RPTF) at the Library of Congress. Professor Shepperd discusses how increased attention to AV preservation might help to address key issues in the humanities, such as historical memory and advocacy for cultural visibility.

Biographical sketchDr. Josh Shepperd is Assistant Professor of Media and Communication at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Josh serves as National Director of the Library of Congress’s Radio Preservation Task Force, a digital humanities consortium of 200 professors and 400 archives. In 2017 Josh assumed the role of Sound History Fellow with the Library of Congress’s National Recording Preservation Board. His organizing work has been featured by NPR’s Marketplace, The Atlantic Monthly, Poynter, C-Span, and CBS Radio.

Josh is currently writing a book that looks at the institutional origins of civic media in work conducted by the media reform movement, Office of Education, FCC, and commercial broadcasters during the New Deal. His research has been supported by the Mellon Foundation, Rockefeller Archive, CLIR, and the Library of Congress.

Resources: 2017 Fall Colloquium flyer (pdf)

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