Strategic Research Associate – American Federation of Teachers – Washington, DC

Job Number:  AOF-58-31-1014-N (Replaces #AOF-58-22-0814-N)
Supervisor:  Manager, Research & Strategic Initiatives
Department:  Research & Strategic Initiatives
Annual Salary: $63,825.94

Special Note:  AFT seeks a collaborative, innovative and service oriented individual to administer an information system and assess and develop reference, research and online services available through the AFT Library.  In addition, the strategic research associate position located in the Research and Strategic Initiatives department will have responsibility for acquiring and maintaining information to support the work of AFT leaders, affiliates and staff.

Position Summary:  The strategic research associate will work under the direct supervision of the department manager or designee to facilitate and oversee the various functions of the AFT Library. The Associate will lead a cross departmental advisory taskforce to ensure that the AFT Library is meeting the needs of AFT leaders, affiliates and staff.  A major responsibility of the position will be to redesign the library into an information hub providing current and pertinent resources  to AFT leaders and staff that are easily accessible.  S/he will have responsibility to establish and expand contacts with relevant government and private organizations to obtain data and information, and develop contacts within organized labor to obtain and share information to advance the status of all workers and the unions that represent them.

•  Redesign the delivery of information services to AFT leaders, affiliates and staff.
•  Maintain currency with trends in library systems and play a major role in planning implementing and training for the introduction of new library technologies.
•  Serve as the lead on the cross departmental advisory taskforce on the AFT Library.
•  Manage and implement and provide technical support for library software and systems.
•  Develop training and resources to guide and support use of the Library for AFT departments.

Position Responsibilities:
•  Provide assistance, support and training on the Library and the use of purchased databases for staff as needed.
•  Acquire and maintain data that informs AFT on news and developments that impact our members and enables staff and affiliates to track changes affecting our union and its members .
•  Assist staff and affiliates with access to online databases, subscriptions, and services including journals, reports and relevant publications.
•  Review the relevant news of the day and produce strategic summaries.
•  Assist RSI staff with materials and information needed for meetings and conferences.
•  Assist in the development and preparation of data analysis and presentations for AFT staff as needed.
•  Support the work of the RSI researcher’s workgroup.
•  Serve as department representative at meetings and conferences as needed.
•  Minimal travel.

Primary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
•  A Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
•  Advanced Degree in Library Science or a relevant academic discipline with demonstrated understanding of libraries.
•  Demonstrated ability to adapt to and manage a team in a changing environment.
•  Knowledge of  library software, systems and applications.
•  Ability to maintain currency with trends in library systems.
•  Demonstrated ability to view issues from an organization-wide perspective.
•  Good communication skills including both written and oral.
•  Demonstrated ability to conduct research on issues and to evaluate research for use by affiliates and staff in representing members.
•  Knowledge of Bureau of Labor online resources and familiarity with federal and state department of education websites.
•  Working knowledge of economic databases such as Moody’s analytics,, EMSI, ERI, as well as Excel and other statistical analysis tools to conduct analyses and prepare reports.

Secondary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
•  Prior work experience in a union environment is preferred.
•  Familiarity with AFT and/or its affiliates is considered a plus.

Application requirements:
Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to the director of human resources or via email to Please reference posting # AOF-58-31-1014-N.
Internal Posting Period:  Internal posting period expires November 4, 2014.  External applicants may be considered as of, November 5, 2014.

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