SLIS Alumni News-November 2012

Chris Corrigan (MSLIS 2012) has received a community service award from the National Federation of the Blind’s DC affiliate. “This award comes to Chris for his work revising and improving the DC Public Library Adaptive Services Division’s adaptive technology training program.”  For more details, see the DCLA website:

Christine Varachi (MSLS 2005) has written a new book for elementary school librarians entitled The Tibrarian Handbook: A Teacher Librarian’s Guide to Transforming the Library into a Center of Learning. It has been published by Upstart Books. Publisher’s description:

A Tibrarian, put simply, is a teacher-librarian — a librarian who makes her library classroom the most hands-on, supportive and engaging learning environment possible. In this age of ever-emerging technology and educational strategies, in which patrons and librarians alike are constantly presented with new ways to read, research and communicate, the idea of what defines a library is shifting, too. The Tibrarian Handbook provides thoughtful lesson plans, an in-depth look at reading motivation strategies, suggestions for using technology effectively and ideas for keeping students focused, excited and on-task. It is an invaluable guide for the elementary librarian who is looking for new ways to integrate herself into the learning process and seeking to demonstrate her indispensable role in the school community.

Chris Corrigan (MSLS 2012), Ana Elisa da Campos Salles (MSLS 2012), and Allison Shea (MSLS 2007) are new members of the SLIS Alumni Board for the 2012-2013 year.  Chris is serving as Vice-President/President-Elect; Ana Elisa and Allison are serving as Directors.

Kathy Kelly (MSLS 1994) is now a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Specialist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.  She has also been elected to serve as DC SLA’s Recording Secretary in 2013.

Kee Malesky (MSLS 1986), an NPR librarian and researcher, signed copies of her new book, “Learn Something New Every Day,” at the National Press Club Book Fair and Author’s Night on November 13, 2012.  For further information on her books, see:

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