Part-time Library Media Assistant, Alexandria VA

Job Description:

The Library Media Assistant maintains library collection and controls audio-visual equipment at school site; performs clerical functions related to collection, processing, circulation, maintenance, and inventory of library materials; and provides support for library operations.


  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Experience: Job related experience within specialized field with increasing levels of responsibility required.

Essential Functions:

  • Assists teachers, students, and other personnel in identifying resource materials for use in classroom, class assignments and recreational reading
  • Provides instruction in use of software.
  • Assists with physical inventories to verify available equipment and identify damage and/or loss.
  • Communicates with classroom teachers and district personnel regarding overdue materials.
  • Contacts students, parents, staff, etc. to recover delinquent books/materials.
  • Distributes requested library books, periodicals and media equipment.
  • Inventories library books, equipment, and materials to document losses and/or maintain availability of materials.
  • Maintains a variety of records and/or files to provide efficient library collection controls.
  • Monitors student behavior while in library to create an effective working and learning environment.
  • Monitors subscription services to ensure continuous correct service.
  • Performs a variety of clerical functions in support of the department operations.
  • Performs routine and preventive maintenance of media and in-library computer equipment (by assignment) to ensure the availability of equipment in safe operating condition.
  • Prepares a variety of written materials (e.g. materials catalog, activity logs, memo and transmittal, instruction sheets, purchase orders, correspondence, etc.) to document activities, provide written reference and/or convey information.
  • Processes new and/or returned library books, curriculum materials, periodicals and/or media (e.g. checking order accuracy, cataloging, storing, shelving, etc.).
  • Researches discrepancies between purchase orders and packing slips to ensure that items ordered are received at ordered pricing.
  • Researches information to assist teachers and staff in securing appropriate materials.
  • Responds to inquiries to provide information and/or direction.
  • Performs other related duties, as assigned, to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.


  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance.
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test.

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