Paid Federal Internship – Federal Diversity Internship Initiative – Washington, DC

The Washington Center is excited to announce spring and summer 2015 internship opportunities available through the Federal Diversity Internship Initiative. To be considered for these paid federal internship positions, students should apply by November 19, 2014 (for the spring) or March 18, 2015 (for the summer).

Selected students will intern for 10 or 15 weeks at offices within the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Environmental Protection Agency, National Archives and Records Administration or a similar agency. Positions may be available in Washington, D.C. and several regional locations. 


We would greatly appreciate your support in sharing information about this opportunity!


Many available positions call for candidates from the fields of aviation, business, human resources, computer science, healthcare, statistics, communication, library science, environmental science, public administration and engineering. Additionally, TWC encourages students from many diverse backgrounds to apply – including women, minorities and students with disabilities. 

Accepted interns will receive significant financial assistance, including a stipend, fully-furnished housing, and a travel allowance. Students will not be responsible for housing, program, or application fees. 

For more information on the Federal Diversity Internship Initiative, please . Applications can be submitted at:

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