Student of the Year Award for the class of 2019 goes to Mary Cate Matta & Babak Zarin

Congratulations to Mary Cate Matta & Babak Zarin, who were named Students of the Year

Mary Cate Matta has achieved excellent academic performance and demonstrated a strong sense of service and leadership to profession, community, and fellow students. During her tenure as a student, she served as an officer for AGLISS and president of CUA Student Chapter of the Special Libraries Association. In her AGLISS officer role, she offered excellent service and diligent support to other DLIS student organizations in coordinating student events. As an outstanding student leader, Mary Cate is dedicated to the CUA LIS community and caring for her classmates and colleagues and well-respected by her fellow students.
She presented a poster at the Department’s annual symposium.


Babak Zarin stands out during his tenure of study at CUA with his strong scholarly pursuits and excellent leadership roles. He has achieved outstanding academic performance in classes and through his publications and conference presentations. He has published articles while in the program as well as an active participant in the University’s Research Day and the Department’s annual symposium. In 2018, he won the poster competition for the best poster, We’re Not Going to Take It: The Censorship of Challenging Literary Depictions in Library Collections at the DLIS 11th Annual Symposium. Babak has demonstrated strong leadership skills at DLIS as a student officer to several student groups as well as served as one of the department’s student ambassadors. He is a deep thinker, capable of articulating and sharing his thoughts, and motivated and passionate about the profession.

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