LIS Student Khulud Khudur’s Teacher Group from Cooke Nominated for DCPS Standing Ovation Award

A group of teachers from HD Cooke elementary school, including LIS Student Khulud Khudur’s, were nominated for the Excellence in Innovation Award based on their innovative projects after the completion of Harvard University’s Project Zero fellowship. This was an extremely competitive award and a total of only 3 schools were nominated for this award in the Standing Ovation 2019 for District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) Award Ceremony.

The ceremony took place at the Anthem, located at 901 Wharf St. SW Washington, DC on Thursday February 7, 2019, at 8:00pm. While they did not win this competitive award, their hard-work has been seen by the awarding committee, and here are their remarks:

HD Cooke has started to reinvent their approach to curriculum to make it relevant to students’ lives and encourage students to take authentic action on issues of global significance. The committee was particularly impressed by the student panel during the visit, including their ability to articulate their learning about connections between history, the present, and how they can take action to improve their world. During classroom visits, the level of rigor and depth with which students engaged with meaningful texts was impressive. The work at HD Cooke embodies many of our selection criteria, particularly being student-driven.

 Here is the link to the event:

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