Librarian III, Modern European Languages and Literature – Johns Hopkins University, MD

General Summary/Purpose:

Reporting to the Assistant Director for Academic Liaison and Special Collections, the librarian for Modern European Languages and Literature actively engages with faculty, students, and staff to develop strong working relationships with the German and Romance Languages and Literature department and the Comparative Thought and Literature department. Librarian III provides proactive research support and innovative instruction by connecting faculty and students with library resources in both the general and special collections.  S/he analyzes trends in humanities teaching and research programs, including the growing use of digital humanities tools and practices, to stay abreast of scholarship and scholarly communications and uses this knowledge to create and implement services to support these trends.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate and build partnerships with other liaisons and special collections curators to develop interdisciplinary solutions and create shared practices for integrating distinctive intellectual content and services into the academic environment.
  • Build and manage a distinctive, interdisciplinary, culturally diverse, and responsive research collection in all formats (print, digital, and archival) for both the general and special collections.
  • Actively promote the use of these collections through programmatic outreach, awareness, public programs, and instructional activities.
  • Research digital humanities technologies and methodologies and promote their role in research and teaching to faculty and students.
  • Be knowledgeable about, and be able to speak to, a wide range of issues, including scholarly communication, copyright issues, collection space allocation, digital humanities, the development of new online tools, and the integration of information literacy skills into the curriculum.
  • Broaden access to unique and important collections through physical exhibits and digital project initiatives that expose the collections’ unique resources and engage the community at the broadest level.
  • Participate proactively on library-wide committees, task forces, and teams.

Minimum Qualifications (Mandatory):

  • MLIS or equivalent and a Master’s degree in a related field required
  • B.A. in one European language, and working knowledge of a second European language
  • Experience in an academic or research library
  • Three years related experience required
  • Experience in developing and delivering innovative instruction and research support services

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Evidence of both professional initiative and flexibility
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively and collegially with a diverse population

Special Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Solid command of the historical, major, and emerging trends in research and scholarly publishing in assigned areas
  • Proven broad knowledge of technologies and methods appropriate to digital humanities
  • Experience with collection development and management for general collections, rare books, and manuscripts
  • Demonstrated active engagement with collections through exhibits, digital initiatives, or similar initiatives
  • Exemplary goal-orientation and self-management abilities
  • An attitude of energy, initiative, innovation, drive, and team-orientation
  • Advanced cultural competency that demonstrates an interest in participating in and leading discussions, initiatives, and collection development activities that reflect diversity and inclusion issues relevant to students, faculty, staff, and the community
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a technologically sophisticated and rapidly changing environment
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively and creatively in a collaborative and complex environment
  • Outward-facing, user-centered service orientation

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