INTERNSHIP Digitization & Preservation – National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia, Falls Church, VA

TERM OF INTERNSHIP: Position will be 20-35 hours/week (summer) and at least 20 hrs/week (spring and winter) for the duration of the project, approximately till December 2022. Semester-length internships are anticipated and, if asked to return, there is potential for a part-time paid position.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The League has amassed an incredibly significant and diverse collection of historic data and artifacts since the organization’s founding in 1970. Many of these items must be digitized to facilitate access when released to the public, as well as to provide opportunity for long-term preservation. The Intern’s responsibilities will revolve around the following task established as part of the workflow process of the Historic Archival and Preservation Project:

• Assist in preparation of existing materials for transportation to the vendor (includes basic box preparation and development of basic metadata requirements);
• Handling digitized historical records received from the League’s digitization vendors according to the established workflow process.
• Working with the League’s new archival database software to further assigning tags and names accurately and in accordance with established parameters.
• Work as a part of a team in collaboration with the office employees and vendors.
• Record and report progress, measuring against established expectations and goals.
• Conduct research as requested and deemed necessary.

OPTIONAL: There will also be an associated project of the intern’s choosing related to these efforts, such as conducting research into the contextual baseline of the materials and writing an article, developing an oral history project associated with project’s contents, or any such project relevant to the intern’s educational benefit.

Depending on intern’s qualifications, other tasks will revolve around varied aspects of running a non-profit, charitable office, including communication with U.S. and foreign officials, the media, the public and family members regarding issues impacting or concerning America’s POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War.  Intern will assist the CEO as needed, including research to support policy objectives, and monitoring the status of executive and legislative initiatives.  He/she may be assigned to attend briefings at the Departments of Defense, State or Veterans’ Affairs when deemed appropriate. Intern may be asked to represent the League at various functions.

To apply, please send a cover letter and your resume to Darya Barmina

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