Historian – The West River Group, Washington, DC

Job Description

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is seeking a qualified person to serve as Historian in support of the Communications, Governance & Strategy Group (CGS). The successful candidate will be responsible for managing projects associated with research of Postal Inspection Service history and culture and historical preservation of artifacts and documents. The candidate will be responsible for composing regular historical articles for print media and posts for social media, as well as fostering and maintaining articles in digital encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia. In addition, the successful candidate will function as the subject matter expert on Postal Inspection Service history and heritage and respond to internal and external queries concerning Postal Inspection Service history.

Note: Employee must work in the archives, handling old documents, which often contain dust and mold that may aggravate respiratory conditions, such as allergies or asthma. Otherwise, work is performed in a normal office setting where basic safety precautions are required.

Annual Salary

The compensation being offered will be an hourly rate of $39.07 which is an equivalent of $75,005.00 if you were to work the available 160 hours each month. You would also be eligible for all the benefits offered by WRG including sick leave, a 401(k) plan and an opportunity to participate in our Health, Vision and Dental programs.

Skills and Ability Requirements

  • Professional skills in historical research, including the ability to determine the validity of historical information.
  • Ability to utilize a personal computer for researching databases, retrieving information, scanning documents, and compiling reports and manuscripts.
  • Demonstrated experience writing and reviewing materials in Microsoft Word, including application of its “Track Changes” feature.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills to productively interact with clients and staff.
  • Excellent written communication skills to prepare reports, correspondence, and other documents.
  • Knowledge of requirements for formatting and preparing documents such as letters, reports, proposals, graphs, figures, and charts.
  • Ability to compile and summarize oral or written information and to state or write a brief summary of important facts.
  • Ability to work cooperatively and interact positively with co-workers and customers, exercising courtesy, discretion, and self-control.
  • Ability to plan, schedule, and organize job tasks to meet deadlines.

Work Duties and Tasks

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Plans, coordinates, and researches topics relating to Postal Inspection Service history and tradition; develops reports for use by the Chief Postal Inspector, CGS and USPIS management.
  • Researches and writes papers relating to Postal Inspection Service history for publication and for use by employees, with a particular emphasis on accuracy of details.
  • Researches and provides historical information upon request by Postal employees and the general public. May advise speechwriters, Government Relations representatives, and postal writers on historical trends and facts.
  • Plans, conducts research for, and writes installments for a continuing weekly column featured on Postal Inspection Service social media outlets.
  • Classifies, conserves, and catalogs historical records, documents, and artifacts in accordance with Postal guidelines and recognized preservation standards.
  • May make presentations regarding postal history to various postal, philatelic, and community groups.
  • Reviews various communications prior to publication to ensure historical accuracy, including: annual reports; special messages and speeches to be issued/delivered by the Chief Postal Inspector; articles for magazines; journals; encyclopedias; and other documentation for release to the public.
  • Creates and maintains online Wikipedia pages pertaining to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, historical events involving the Inspection Service, and persons connected to the Inspection Service.
  • Ensures that the contents of material for release to the Congress, government agencies, the White House, and news media, are accurate with regard to historical or biographical information.
  • Prepares special material, such as correspondence, biographical data, and background information as requested.
  • Develops response to public and postal inquiries for information relative to Postal Inspection Service history, custom, and development.
  • Provides professional and administrative services, such as preparing and/or critiquing position papers, taking and preparing minutes at highest-level meetings, and documenting and relaying sensitive information.
  • Provides administrative staff support and plans and conducts special projects for the CGS Inspector in Charge and for the Chief Postal Inspector as requested.
  • Conducts research at the National Archives (Washington, DC) and the USPS Corporate Library as needed.

Required Education and Work Experience

Bachelor’s Degree in History or a related discipline from an accredited college or university, or relevant skills and experience equivalent to the same.

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