Dave Shumaker to Speak at Web Search University

SLIS Clinical Associate Professor Dave Shumaker will be speaking at Web Search University, Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at the Washington Marriott. His talk will be titled WebSearch Meets Embedded Librarianship.  From the Web Search University website:

The shift to web searching has freed librarians and other information professionals from the confines of a physical library. This workshop explores the concept of embedded librarianship, where information professionals work outside the library or in a virtual team. They collaborate closely with teams of information users, such as academic faculty, marketers, corporate R&D groups, reporters, and others who rely heavily on information to do their jobs. As digital, mobile use of information becomes the norm, librarians are finding new opportunities to apply their skills, increase their value, and add to their job satisfaction. Learn how you can succeed at becoming embedded within your organization and how this evolving field can affect your future.


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