ASIS&T Features CUA LIS Student Chapter & President In Q&A Article


The CUA LIS student chapter of ASIS&T was recently featured in an article on ASIS&, the national association’s website. The article was conducted Q&A style with commentary from Colin McLaren, Former CUA-ASIS&T President.

In the article,  Mr. McLaren discusses the importance of being involved, the benefits of collaboration, our student chapter’s focus and so much more:

Get to Know the Catholic University Student Chapter | ASIS&T

Adam: What do you feel — shifting gears just a little bit here — is the most important benefit members of the Student Chapter receive by becoming involved in the Chapter’s activities and by engaging with the Chapter?

Colin: I find that it really helps my professional network. I’m coming to it from more of a… well, I wasn’t really in the field really when I entered, I was in the tourism business. So just finding people, and then being able to pick the collective memory of those who come. I live vicariously through their experiences; I’m like, “Oh, well that didn’t work well for you.” So if I ever reach that in the future, maybe I can call on that memory. I find it also helps narrow down an interest; just the additional exposure. There were things that I hadn’t really even considered when I entered the department, things like information architecture and how we structure metadata; I knew it was there, I just hadn’t thought of so many ways of putting it all together. So that, and just really the network, and the experience you gain from it, it really helps. It’s helped me to determine the path I hope to take once I graduate.

You can view the entire article here:

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