Alumni News – May 2012

Cristina Ramirez (MSLS 2005) will be the Library Community Services Manager for the Broad Rock Branch of the Richmond Public Libraries starting May 21st, 2012. She was elected in a national election to the REFORMA Executive Committee as National Member at Large, 2012-2014. She also passed her Doctoral Qualifying Exams this Spring semester and has qualified for the last portions of the Doctoral Program in Education,
Research & Evaluation, she is enrolled in at Virginia Commonwealth University.

 Jean Sarah Lee (MSLS 1992) served as a publication assistant for her father, Hoyoung Lee, who had two books published this spring by Xulon Press (1) “Christian Ethics and Social Policy”; and (2) “Reinhold Niebuhr On World Politics In a Nuclear Age: a Framework for U.S. Policy Towards Nuclear North Korea”.  Please visit for details on these books.

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4 Responses to Alumni News – May 2012

  1. Richard MacKinnon says:

    It was interesting reading about Jean Lee working for her father. I am also working with my father to write his memoirs. He is a retired Navy Admiral who had many adventures in a long and fulfilling career. I will be using research skills I developed at SLIS.
    Richard MacKinnon

  2. Priscilla Lujan says:

    BRAVO to Cristina Ramirez and to Jean Sarah Lee!

    As a Hispanic woman it is inspiring to see another Hispanic woman achieve success and demonstrate such ambition. I would like to contact Ms. Ramirez, please share my email with her.

    Thank you,
    Priscilla Lujan

  3. Jean S. Lee says:

    Sorry I didn’t respond to Richard’s kind words sooner! I just happened to browse thru the archived section of the SLIS news and found his note:) Yes, working with my dad on this project was a rewarding (and sometimes tedious) experience, but it was all worth it:)

  4. Jean S. Lee says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Priscilla:) I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner:( I just happened to read the SLIS alumni news and found your note! I might write a book of my own someday?:) Yes, how wonderful that Christina will be called Dr. Christina:)

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