Alumni Alert: November 2005

Good afternoon!

Happy All Saints’ Day! In the general sense of the word, I’d call all CUA/SLIS alumni saints. You are so important to our current students whether in conversation, practicum experiences, as mentors or employers. Thank you, too, for responding to the visiting team representing the Committee on Accreditation. They mentioned several times how much they had learned from the employer, adjunct, alumni, student groups they had met and how fortunate we were to have your support. We will hear official results of our reaccredidation in early February.

Of course, I have another request-a request for suggestions and advice. One of my major responsibilities is to keep recruiting the best students. As alumni, you have been very helpful in this. I have two questions for you and if you would send your answers to Nathan Bartel ( he’ll analyze them and we’ll use them in our 2006 plan.

  • How did you decide to enter librarianship? (take that label in its broadest sense)
  • What do you think would be the most effective way for us to recruit people you would then like to hire?

I’ll pass on to you a few statistics so you will know how big we are!

  • We have exactly the same number (251) of people taking classes as we did a year ago.
  • They are taking slightly fewer classes (Full Time Equivalent has gone from 143 to 139.)
  • In 2003-2004 we awarded 46 degrees, in 2004-2005 we awarded 67.
  • 20% of this fall’s enrollment are men.
  • This fall’s new students include people with previous degrees in law from University of Alabama, in Cello performance from the conservatory in Osnabrueck, Germany, in Systems Management from the University of Southern California, in Classical Cultures from the University of Georgia, and in Education from the National Taitung Teaching College in Taiwan, to name but a few.


Martha L. Hale,

P.S. The next issue of the FORUM will be coming soon and will include more news about recruiting, alumni and faculty.

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