Administrative Librarian (Associate Librarian for Library Services) – Washington, D.C.


This is an open continuous vacancy announcement. Applicants may submit or update their application before the announcement closes. Applicants will be referred after each cutoff date. The announcement may close earlier than the last cut-off date or at the request of the selecting official or after the job is filled.


The cutoff for receipt of applications under this announcement will be 11:59 p.m. e.s.t. on the following dates: July 20, 2018, August 20, 2018,  September 20, 2018, October 22, 2018, and November 23, 2018.

The Associate Librarian for Library Services is responsible for directing the acquisition, organization, and preservation of the Library’s universal collection of materials; for ensuring the quality of the collections and for providing rapid and effective access to them, serving as the leader in maintaining and securing the Library’s universal collection of materials in all formats and media; for directing the provision of service to the Congress, libraries, scholars, the productive private sector, the educational community, other government agencies, and the general public.

The incumbent manages the Library Services service unit of the Library, exercising final responsibility for budget, personnel management, policy administration, and overall operational effectiveness. The Associate Librarian for Library Services participates in the overall management of the Library through membership on the Library’s Executive Committee (EC), the top policy-making body.

The Associate Librarian for Library Services has overall responsibility, as well as delegated authority, for the oversight and administration of an entire service unit. Is primarily responsible for the direction and management of large-scale operations to efficiently and effectively achieve specified goals and objectives. Evaluates current and proposed programs and operations. Initiates, modifies, recommends, or discontinues such actions as appropriate.

The incumbent also serves, as a collateral duty, as Executive Agent for Collections Security. In this capacity, he/she is responsible to the Librarian, the Principal Deputy Librarian, the Deputy Librarian for the Collections and Services Group, and the Executive Committee for assuring that collections security is a core program of the Library, its managers, and staff. To accomplish this responsibility, the Executive Agent exercises agency-wide authority to oversee all collections security activities and programs, including the Director of the Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness with respect to his/her collections security responsibilities, the Chief Information Officer with respect to his/her digital collections security responsibilities, and the Collections Security Oversight Committee (CSOC).

Directs the processing and cataloging of materials acquired for the Library’s collections. Facilitates and reinforces the Library’s continuous improvement in metadata creation processes, procedures and systems, while ensuring that the Library meets its arrearage reduction goals.

Directs the preservation and conservation of the Library’s collections, establishing priorities for the preservation of items based on their importance to the Congress and the nation. Explores new technologies for preservation, works to establish international standards for these technologies, and participates in national and international preservation efforts. Directs the provision of a variety of film and photo-reproductive products and services based on the Library’s collections.

Provides advice and counsel to staff members and subordinate managers related to work and policy matters.

Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with various high-level individuals, including Members of Congress and their staff, other legislative and executive agencies, executives of major corporations, and distinguished members of the public. Establishes and maintains close and cooperative working relationships with professional peers internationally, Library or service unit management and officials, government agencies, and other institutions with related interests, in order to advance the programs and objectives of the Library.

Travel Required

Occasional travel – Incumbent may be required to travel for business purposes.


Conditions of Employment

  • See requirements listed below under Qualifications Required.

Your resume is important to this application process. It will be reviewed to determine whether you possess the qualifications referenced above. All applicants are required to submit a resume that provides specific information (to include accomplishments, work experience and education/training) that clearly describes what you would bring to the position. The Supervisor leads his/her staff toward meeting the Library’s vision, mission, and goals by acting decisively, leveraging diversity and inclusiveness, demonstrating flexibility and resilience, fostering continuous improvement and innovation, and fostering integrity and honesty. To view the Library’s Supervisory Core Competencies click the following link:


The competencies below are required for this position.  Those marked with a double asterisk (**) are considered the most critical competencies for this position.
A candidate’s resume must show a proven record of accomplishment that clearly demonstrates he or she has:

(1) Ability to provide program oversight and administrative management of agency programs and operations**:  The successful candidate has the ability to provide a wide range of managerial, analytical, technical, and advisory functions related to the administrative programs within the division. These include: 1) providing oversight for human resources, including setting performance expectations, 2) overseeing and guiding short- and long-term strategic planning initiatives, 3) ensuring the effective interaction and integration of processes to effectively accomplish strategic and organizational goals, 4) delegating and managing financial operations, 5) providing operational services in support of workforce planning goals, 6) providing advice, counsel and training to staff, and 7) developing policies and guidelines affecting agency programs.

(2) Ability to perform human resources management functions**:  The successful candidate has the ability to carry out established human resources management functions and practices including: keeping employees informed of significant aspects of personnel management and the following: 1) interviewing and hiring staff; 2) providing regular and corrective feedback and coaching; 3) evaluating work performance; 4) encouraging active staff participation; 5) giving advice and instruction; 6) recommending performance standards and ratings; 7) identifying training opportunities; 8) managing staff time and attendance, and approving leave; 9) reviewing and approving disciplinary actions; and 10) resolving informal complaints.

(3) Ability to direct the acquisitions, organization, and preservation of library collection of materials**:  The successful candidate has the ability to direct the acquisitions, organization and preservation of materials by ensuring collections are developed to serve its constituents and that those constituents are provided the best possible bibliographic, research and referral services. This includes, 1) collaborating with variety of individual to build and select collections for an organization, 2) managing the acquisitions  for collections; 3) fostering scholarly research in the library collections, 4) creating programs to share collections with individuals, 5) developing and implementing collections security plans, and 6) assuring the security of the collections.

(4) Ability to identify and analyze operational problems and develop solutions:  The successful candidate has the ability to anticipate, analyze, develop, and plan the strategies necessary to coordinate and solve operational issues, complaints and grievances. This includes logically examining, analyzing, interpreting,  and synthesizing information from different sources; generating and evaluating reasonable alternative solutions and the implications, consequences, and benefits of choosing each alternative; selecting the most promising alternative or course of action; and committing to action even in uncertain situations.

(5) Ability to communicate in writing:  The successful candidate has the ability to communicate complex and specialized issues in writing through 1) policies and procedures, 2) strategic planning and forecasting documents, 3) performance management documents, 4) program proposals, 5) analysis/reports, 6) project plans, 7) budget documentation, 8) annual reports, 9) statements of work, and 10) policies and guidelines.  This includes targeting the amount, form, depth and level of detail, and content of the information to the needs of the receiver/audience.

(6) Ability to communicate effectively other than in writing: The successful candidate has the ability to effectively express ideas and recommendations other than in writing in various settings to peers, staff, managers, supervisors, and external audiences to both provide and seek information. This includes actively listening to or understanding communicated information and answering questions thoughtfully and completely.

Education Requirements

  1. Completion of 1 full academic year of graduate study in library science in an accredited college or university, in addition to completion of all work required for a bachelor’s degree.
  2. A total of at least 5 years of a combination of college-level education, training, and experience. To qualify on this basis, the applicant must establish conclusively that the education, training, and experience provided a knowledge and understanding of the theories, principles, and techniques of professional librarianship; a knowledge of literature resources; and the knowledge and abilities essential for providing effective library and information services.

Candidates with an MLS, MIS, MLIS, MSLS, or equivalent degree are encouraged to apply.

You must provide a legible copy of your college transcripts at the time you submit your application. Please attach your transcripts to your online application. Failure to submit the required documentation at the time of application will eliminate you from further consideration. Official documents will be required if selected.

How to Apply

Please carefully follow all instructions under the How to Apply tab to ensure that you are considered for the position.

Step 1: If you do not already have one, create a resume on USAJOBS. Although you must enter your Social Security Number for USAJOBS, this information will not be provided to the Library of Congress.

Step 2: Review the Job Announcement. We recommend you go to the Qualifications and Evaluations section of the job announcement to review the qualifications listed to ensure that your resume reflects your accomplishments in those areas.

Step 3: Click on the “APPLY ONLINE” button to the right of this announcement. Follow USAJOBS’ instructions to access your account and submit your resume. You will be redirected to the Hiring Management website to complete the application process. If this is your first time in Hiring Management, you will be asked to answer questions related to your eligibility for Federal employment. You will be able to update this information and save it to our account for future announcements.

Step 4: Click on “Finish” after you have completed your application. Once you have submitted your application, you can check your status online through your Hiring Management or MY USAJOBS account. If you are experiencing any technical difficulty with the online process, you MUST CONTACT THE POINT OF CONTACT FOR THIS ANNOUNCEMENT BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE. For all technical issues please contact , no later than 4:30pm EST of the Closing Date.

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