2012-2013 Howard and Mathilde Rovelstad Scholarships Recipients Announced

With great pleasure, the SLIS Faculty congratulate Jessica Kemp and Ying Zhang, the recipients of the 2012-2013 Howard and Mathilde Rovelstad Scholarships!

Jessica and Ying stood out among a group of highly qualified candidates for their scholarship, commitment to the profession of librarianship, and potential for success in our rapidly evolving field.

Jessica holds a B.A. in English Literature and Journalism, Magna cum Laude from Elon University, and earned her law degree at the University of Tennessee. Currently employed as a strategic communications consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, she notes that she entered SLIS with the intention of becoming a law librarian, but has since “discovered ways to apply these skills [of librarianship] in my current job.” Her record of academic and community service includes serving as an editor for the Tennessee Journal of Law and Policy; working with the Community Mediation Center in Knoxville, Tennessee as a trained mediator; and coordinating outreach and service programs as Philanthropy chair of an undergraduate social organization. After completing her first semester in SLIS, Jessica’s ambition is to use her Library Science professional skills to contribute to the United States national security through government service.

Ying Zhang is pursuing the Law Librarianship course of study in order to become a specialist in information services related to international law. Ying completed her secondary education in Shenyang, China, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from the Dalian University of Foreign Languages, also in China. She entered the SLIS program in the Spring of this year. She first encountered public libraries as an exchange student in the U.S., and believes that the role of libraries in providing information to the community is of fundamental importance. In her career goals, Ying plans to combine her commitment to information access with her equally strong belief in the importance of law in the functioning of society for the good of all.

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