Webinar – Healthcare IT workforce development

Healthcare IT workforce development remains one of the biggest challenges in healthcare IT today. A recent CHIME survey notes that the most frequently reported skills shortages include lack of education in IT theory and practice and lack of knowledge of healthcare and related IT applications (http://www.hitechanswers.net/health-it-jobs-growth-outpacing-qualified-people-to-fill-them/). The field of “healthcare IT” itself is so broad that it is difficult to introduce the breadth and depth of the scope in a typical classroom setting. As part of Catholic University’s MSIT-HIT Program, students in HIT573 will have the opportunity to interact with professionals across a broad range of backgrounds and experiences to increase their real world exposure to emerging trends in academic, military, fixed facility and at home care that examine how technology is used in healthcare to change the traditional boundaries of hospital based medicine.

We are pleased to present a panel of leading experts in their field – please join us on November 14, 2012 from 7:00 p.m to 9:30 p.m. EST for this webinar. Participation is open. URL: http://catholicu.adobeconnect.com/hit573/.

Moderator: Marie-Michelle Strah, PhD, IP Development Architect, ESAC, Microsoft Corporation and Adjunct Professor, Catholic University of America


Anik Dubé, PhD(c), RN, Professeure/Professor, École de science infirmière-School of Nursing, Université de Moncton, N.B., Canada. Understanding Aboriginal youth’s experiences with accessing sexual health services and HIV/STI testing in rural communities.

Dana M. Lewis, Digital Media and eHealth Strategist, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA. #hcsm | Integrating Digital and Social Media in Healthcare

Bill Klenke, Senior Healthcare Strategy Consultant, Noblis, Falls Church, VA. IM/IT Experiences in Military Health and Current Issues in Military Healthcare

Ian Taylor, CFO, Our Care Direct, Norfolk, VA. Emerging Technologies: Coordinating At Home Care


7:00-7:10 Introductions and Kickoff

7:10-7:30 Anik Dube, PhD(c), RN, University of Moncton

7:30-7:50 Dana Lewis, Swedish Medical Center

7:50-8:10 Bill Klenke, Noblis

8:10-8:30 Ian Taylor, OurCareDirect

8:30-8:40 BREAK

8:40-9:00 Moderated Panel Discussion: Future of Healthcare IT

9:00-9:30 Open Q&A

Note: each speaker is scheduled for 10-15 minutes so there is time for brief individual questions at the end of each session if time permits. Participants are encouraged to submit questions ahead of time or submit questions during the panel for discussion in open Q&A period.

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