SLIS Colloquium: Preservation, Language, and Other Challenges of Digital Scholarship: The Case of the Iranian Internet

A Colloquium with Dr. Niki Akhavan, Assistant Professor, Media Studies, The  Catholic University of America

Where: 108 Hannan Hall
When: Monday, November 12, 6:00 p.m.

About the Speaker:Niki

Photograph of Niki Akhavan

Niki Akhavan, Assistant Professor of Media Studies

is an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at The Catholic University of America. Her research examines the relationship between New Media technologies and Iranian transnational political and cultural production, with a specific interest in how state actors have participated in and reacted to New Media landscapes.  She recently completed a manuscript, “Electronic Iran: The Cultural Politics of an Online Evolution”, which is currently under review for publication. She has published on the Iranian blogosphere as well as the role of other forms of media in contemporary Iran.

Abstract: Notoriously factionalized at the level of state powers and oppositional forces alike, shifts in the Iranian political scene occur regularly but unpredictably. As such, an examination of the Iranian Internet requires approaches that can account for the richness of both new media developments and the social and political contexts in which they are received. While many of the difficulties that arise in this regard are unique to the specificities of the Iranian Internet, they provide opportunities for reflecting on the challenges of digital scholarship more broadly. In outlining research obstacles and the solutions devised to address them, this presentation considers what lessons the case of the Iranian Internet might hold for scholars and professionals concerned with the study and management of information on the Internet.

Note regarding accommodations: Please contact David Shumaker,, at least five business days in advance to request accommodations for individuals with disabilities. This includes the need for materials in an alternative format (i.e. large print or Braille), Sign Language Interpreters, accessible seating, and parking information.

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