Research Librarian-University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Please see below for a 3-year research librarian position to work on an FDA-funded project with the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Working from home is an option!

Research Librarian

This position is funded by the Clinical Use of Bulk Drug Substances Nominated for Use in Compounding by Outsourcing Facilities grant sponsored by the FDA. The program duration is three years. This is a full time position that will continue over the duration of the project.


This position will be responsible for aiding in research regarding the use of bulk drug substances in pharmaceutical compounding nominated for inclusion on the List of Bulk Drug Substances Approved for use in Compounding by 503b Facilities.  A key component of this project is a thorough systematic literature review of each substance under review, approximately 225 in total.  This position will require collaboration with researchers at the University of Maryland, Baltimore throughout the entire systematic literature review process.  This includes assisting with the development of the search strategy, creating and executing the search in the relevant databases, managing the search results, searching the grey literature, providing guidance throughout the review process (including PRISMA guidelines and identifying best practices), and drafting the literature search methods and appendix sections of any resulting publications.

This position can be fulfilled in person or via remote work. If working remotely, the librarian may be asked to travel to Baltimore periodically for in-person meetings with the research team.


Master of Library Science or equivalent degree from an ALA-accredited program.

Experience conducting advanced literature searches in a variety of databases.


Prior research experience in systematic literature reviews.

Experience conducting literature searches in the health sciences.

Experience using bibliographic tools such as EndNote to manage large numbers of references.


How to Apply

Please email your CV and cover letter to Ashlee Mattingly, PharmD, BCPS, at Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

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