Records Management Analyst – Armed Forces Retirement Home – Washington, DC

Records Management Analyst: Seeking self-starter with positive attitude and good communication skills to digitize paper records

Position: 5 month full-time position digitizing paper records onsite in northwest Washington, DC at the Armed Forces Retirement Home.  Might be able to use 2 people part-time instead of 1 person full-time.

Requirement: Seeking a person with a positive can-do attitude to sort paper files, determine appropriate file names, scan documents and save them.  At some point we may load the files into SharePoint.  The ideal person is a self starter who is flexible, has good communication skills, is comfortable with technology, can do problem solving or trouble shooting if things don’t work perfectly, and is willing to learn.

Minimum qualifications: a high school diploma and 5 years of work experience.  Up to 4 years of college may be substituted on a one-for-one basis for work experience, so this could be an individual with a college degree and one year of work.

Independent contractor:  This is an independent consultant role, to be paid on an hourly basis with the individual responsible for their own taxes and benefits.

If interested: Please send resume, availability and desired hourly rate to:

Becky Roberts International Leadership Consulting, LLC office: 540-882-3593, mobile: 703-472-3313, fax: 540-882-3597


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