Paid 1-Day Contractual Position – 2U – Arlington, VA

My name is Jessie Brecher and I’m a Video Producer at 2U.

Our company is looking for graduate Library Science students to take part in filmed graduate-level discussions for online courses the week of October 23rd. In these discussions, two students engage in an academic discussion with a top-tier university professor on specific topics pertaining to a given course. These discussions will be used as part of a larger online classroom.

This is a paid project. Depending on the amount of prep work required, participants can expect to be paid up to $300 for a half day of filming on set. Filming will take place at our studio facilities in Arlington, VA. The successful applicant will possess a positive attitude in addition to being bright and articulate! If you have any friends who may be interested, we offer a $25 referral fee for any referrals used during out shoots.

The topic that will be discussed come from a course on Managing a School Library. Interested students can apply to the google forms below:

Managing a Library Application

Please let me know if you or any of your fellow students are interested in this opportunity or if you have any questions! 


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