NLM Practicum Post by CUA LIS Student Recognized Online at American Libraries

CUA LIS student, Kelsey Conway, completed a practicum at National Library of Medicine in the History of Medicine Division this summer. As an output of the practicum, she wrote a blog post for NLM. This post was redistributed online July 16 at ALA’s America Libraries Magazine under “Latest Links” ( titled “Medical advertisements after 1906.”

Ms. Conway’s practicum focused on “cataloging medical advertisements and other printed promotional materials from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.” Some of the popular and historic ads she reviewed explain how and when the Pure Food and Drugs Act (today’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA)) denounced medical nostrums.

To read the post visit:

Congratulations, Ms. Conway, on your online American Libraries feature, and practicum experience at NLM!

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