National Library of Medicine career opportunities for recent master’s degree graduates – apply by October 15, 2019

Opens October 11, 2019, on  USAJobs:

The National Library of Medicine (NLM), one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) 27 institutes and centers located in Bethesda, Maryland is recruiting recent graduates with a master’s degree or higher to fill entry level positions across the Library. They’re looking for applicants with degrees in a variety of subjects including information science, library science, biological sciences, chemistry, toxicology, archival science, and more. The positions offer a unique opportunity to work at NLM, a leader in research in biomedical informatics and data science research and the world’s largest medical library.

The announcement will be posted through the Pathways Recent Graduates Program to USAJobs on Friday, October 11, 2019. Applications will be due by October 15, 2019 and 20 positions are available. If you do not have a USAJobs account, we encourage you to create one now to complete the application process by the deadline.

Positions are available in these NLM areas:

Bibliographic Services Division (BSD)– 7 positions available.

  • BSD 1: Indexing analyst – Advances indexing efforts through understanding scientific vocabulary development and the content of NLM/NCBI biomedical databases, applying Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and chemical and gene metadata to MEDLINE, PubMed, and other NLM database records. Requires master’s degree or above in the life sciences.
  • BSD 2: Indexing metadata and systems specialist – Collaborates on the development and improvement of automated indexing efforts and processes for assigning MeSH and other metadata such as and NIH grant identifiers; assists with network, hardware, and technology support.
  • BSD 3: Toxicology information specialist – Support the development and production of toxicology data and systems for products such as the Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB), ToxLearn and MeSH vocabulary development. Requires toxicology knowledge and expertise.
  • BSD 4: Biomedical terminology support – Develops a full cross-product understanding of key terminology systems, such as MeSH, UMLS and SNOMED CT, working in a transactional role bridging these products and their working teams; identifies areas of collaboration and efficiencies, provides system documentation, workflow processing, data analysis, and customer training and support.
  • BSD 5: Chemical and drug analyst – Supports the drug and chemical data and systems for products such as ChemIDplus, DailyMed, and RxNorm; performs quality control of data and systems; customer service, documentation; and data analysis; provides subject matter expertise for chemistry to other products and services such as MeSH, Household Products Database, PubChem, and the Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management (CHEMM). Master’s degree in chemistry needed for this position.
  • BSD 6: Chemical and drug analyst – Supports chemical and toxicological data and systems for products such as ChemIDplus, HSDB, and other NLM chemical and drug systems; performs quality control of data and systems, production support, customer service and documentation, and contract management. Provides subject matter expertise for chemical and toxicology to other products and services such as MeSH, Household Products Database, PubChem, and the Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management (CHEMM). Master’s degree or higher in biological or chemical science needed for this position.
  • BSD 7: Data distribution – Supports data management programs and processes for data and data management systems such as the Data Distribution Program; Serials data; MEDLINE journal monitoring; serials management processes for MEDLINE, PMC, NIHMS and GenBank journals; develops a broad understanding of the various data products to support quality control, customer service, data analysis, and user and technical documentation of and about these products.

History of Medicine Division – 2 positions

  • HMD 1: Archivist/Historian – Conducts data-focused research in the NLM collections, publishing the results of that research in open-access resources, and engaging with NLM’s public constituencies to share methodologies and enhance the discoverability of the NLM unique data resources. History, Archives, or Library Science degree preferred.
  • HMD 2: Exhibition Manager – Uses data generated by traveling exhibition host sites to manage and enhance the exhibition program, researches NLM collections for exhibition curation, including the identification of scientific data and making it accessible for curatorial analysis and interpretation; prepares assets and data for physical and online exhibition design and production. Museum Studies, History, or Library Science degree preferred.

Office of Engagement and Training – 1 position

  • OET 1: Engagement Specialist – Serves as a project manager and engagement team member. Supports the design, implementation, enhancement, evaluation, and reporting of accomplishments toward NLM’s engagement, training, and capacity-building goals for NLM and its audiences.

Public Services Division – 6 positions

  • PSD 1: Collection Access Librarian – Provides delivery of biomedical information to NLM Reading Room patrons and Interlibrary Loan Customers; reviews staff fulfillment of biomedical data and responds to NLM customer requests. MLIS or equivalent degree preferred.
  • PSD 2: Library Systems Specialist – Supports the access of NLM collections through management and continuous improvement of access systems, including coordination of functions between Relais and DOCLINE, working with system developers and vendors to resolve problems, and troubleshooting these and other web-based products.
  • PSD 3: Consumer Health Specialist – Supports the NLM consumer health site and integration of related resources into a single consumer health resource. Requires health expertise; works with contractors and staff to keep the 1,000+ topics up to date and available on the web.
  • PSD 4: Web and Information Management Specialist – Supports the Web and Information Management Team with web analytics, user experience testing, and data visualization.
  • PSD 5: Preservation Librarian – Supports NLM in the Preservation and Collection Management Section with both physical and digital collection preservation and project management, environmental monitoring, and emergency/disaster response. MLIS or equivalent degree with focus on preservation/conservation preferred.
  • PSD 6: Audiovisual/Digital Preservation Librarian – Supports NLM in the Preservation and Collection Management Section with audiovisual and digital preservation and project management, including development of specifications and workflows and managing contracts with third party vendors. MLIS or equivalent degree with focus on preservation/conservation preferred.

Technical Services Division – 4 positions

  • TSD 1: Metadata Specialist – Serves as a metadata librarian responsible for transforming data originating in various coding schemes into formats that can be used by human and machine applications. NLM bibliographic data supports NLM products such as PubMed, GENBANK, the Digital Collections repository, and DOCLINE. MLIS or equivalent degree required.
  • TSD 2: E-Resources Librarian – Establishes and maintains NLM licenses for literature and other electronic research resources that support NLM literature databases, MEDLINE and PubMed; manages these licenses and electronic resources in library systems; assists with the evaluation of scientific literature and data for inclusion in NLM’s resource MEDLINE. MLIS or equivalent degree required.
  • TSD 3: Collection Development Librarian – Evaluates the quality of scientific literature and data for NLM’s resources PubMed/MEDLINE and PubMed Central (PMC). Reviews the validity of the research data life cycle and published results. MS or PhD in life sciences or MLIS required.
  • TSD 4: Systems Librarian – Provides support to help maintain a library system used to acquire, catalog, preserve, and manage resources in the NLM collection. Supports implementation of a new discovery system used to access the NLM collection. MLIS or equivalent degree required.

Pay: GS-9 level with a 2019 pay rate of $57,510-$74,759; successful candidates are eligible for permanent positions after one year of service at the GS-9 level.

Benefits: health insurance and all other standard federal employee benefits.

You are encouraged to include a cover letter identifying the area(s) or positions you are most interested in to help with planning interviews.

NLM and NIH are dedicated to building a workforce that reflects diversity. NLM hires, promotes, trains, and provides career development based on merit, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including gender identity), parental status, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information, or political affiliation.

In addition to an interesting, challenging work environment, NLM has a great location on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. It is a short Metro ride from Washington D.C. and a short walk from Bethesda’s thriving restaurant and retail district.

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