Metadata Specialist – Bethesda, MD

Job Purpose:

We are currently seeking a Metadata Specialist to join our (CDAT) Core Digital Applications Team to develop and implement metadata processes for the organization.  Someone who will advise project/product teams by assisting in the gathering and articulation of metadata requirements, planning testing of metadata in systems, and training staff to create and manage metadata in systems or to support products.

As the Metadata Specialist, you will play a key role in enterprise systems development by supplying the essential metadata specifications and data structures to third party software developers that enable systems to efficiently and consistently manage content. E.g. Data Dictionaries.

You will partner with our content-creating departments (Multilingual Editorial Production, Learning and Teaching, Assessment, Professional Services and others) to advise, train and support staff members who interact with metadata as a part of the content creation or content management process as well as advise on matters of metadata policy and proper uses of metadata models as well as work closely with IT, vendor partners, and contracted staff to implement metadata models, processes, and systems and be able to exert considerable influence over staff participating in metadata workflows.

Job Duties:

  • Assist project team members and/or IT/PMO in articulating metadata requirements
  • Partner with IT (and vendors as necessary) to implement metadata requirements in systems, or to communicate the requirements correctly to third parties
  • Arrange and participate in testing of systems
  • Ensure project teams are trained in and understand the metadata policy and metadata models, escalating issues as needed
  • Design training programmes (one-on-one or group training) for staff who are tasked with creating, managing or interacting with content metadata, whether in the Content Model Solution or other systems
  • Produce or provide input for staff training manuals, while ensuring they are developed and maintained according to the current metadata policies and models 
  • Offer ongoing assistance, training, and support for all staff across the enterprise who engage with metadata as a part of BAU
  • Ensure that well-modelled metadata is used in content producing/departments to enable content efficiency and consistency
  • Provide insights and findings to management in relation to creating new content maps and metadata models when required
  • Contribute to the strategic plan for metadata
  • Assist in the production of policies and governance documents
  • Communicate lessons learned from working with project teams and recommend ways to improve or expand metadata models

Job Requirements:

  • Master of Library Science degree strongly preferred, with a minimum of 4 years of professional experience managing metadata
  • Managed metadata within a content management system
  • Designed and implemented metadata workflows
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new programs and technologies where needed, e.g. XML, Dublin Core, ISO standards, NoSQL databases, taxonomies, controlled vocabularies.
  • Knowledge of Alfresco, MarkLogic, DSpace, Lexaurus, Sharepoint
  • Knowledge of standards and formats used in digital curation, such as XML, JSON, etc.
  • Understanding of several metadata schemas, basic conceptual and infrastructure models that support digital curation, and copyright issues as they pertain to document repositories, publishing workflows
  • Knowledge of usability principles for websites
  • Hyper-organized and superior attention to detail
  • Ability to maintain accuracy through periods of sustained focus
  • Excellent communications skills across cultures

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