Loose Leaf Filer ( Part-Time) – The Leading Niche – Washington, DC

Job Summary:

This is a part-time (2-3 hours/day) opportunity with The Leading Niche to support its customer, The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Responsibilities Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Re-shelving
  • Insert updates – in library and for 10th floor
  • Updating our electronic catalogue
  • Reviewing the stacks and book locations to ensure that they are findable
  • Create cataloging records for new titles
  • Communicate recurring problems
  • Provide general library technical support services as needed
  • Re-shelve all books, periodicals, newspapers and other library and PRR materials, recording in appropriate files
  • Update loose-leaf and pocket parts publications on a weekly basis
  • File all supplements received so that no backlog in filing updates remains


  • Library technical services experience is necessary
  • Familiarity with serials and serials modules in any Integrated Library System (ILS)

To Apply:

For the full job description, click here.

Complete the following assessment (2 questions, minutes)  https://www.cindexinc.com/users/ciims/processes/surveyInfo.php?USER_ID=40542&COMPANY_CODE=AB151B&h2=1518033695
Position:  Loose Leaf Filer (SEC)
Location: DC
Make sure that all other information on the cover page is correct

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