Juán-Pabló González Recognized at American Library Association 2018 Annual Conference

LIS Student Juán-Pabló González traveled to New Orleans to attend the American Library Association 2018 Annual Conference. Here’s his post:

On June 23, 2018, I traveled to the American Library Association’s 2018 annual conference in New Orleans to receive a professional development grant and award for demonstrating exemplary professional activity as a rising library and information science professional. The award recognized persons who have conducted work in the area of preservation, who have undertaken significant projects and activities related to the strategic preservation of both analog and digital materials that require specialized care, across a range of cultural heritage settings. This was an incredibly important award recognition to gain, while still a graduate student, and it represents the level of expertise and excellence that I will bring to the profession, once I graduate from Catholic University.

The New Orleans setting was vibrant and full of energy—it was the perfect locale for the annual conference, which was opened by Michelle Obama, had a keynote address delivered by Carla Hayden, and was closed by Emmy Award-winning Hollywood actress Viola Davis, who discussed her recent work composing children’s books.

For a library and information science student, the ALA annual conference presents an exceptional opportunity to network and engage with professionals from the full range of disciplines within the library and information science field and allows one to become a part of the fabric of the most current conversations about the intellectual direction of the future library. The conference offered an array of intellectual panels that hosted general conversation, research findings, provided leadership inspiration, and incorporated an intersectional perspective that related the library profession to the ways in which our social, psychological, technological environments are evolving.

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