Graduate Student Assistance (Paid) – Credibility Coalition – Washington, DC

About the Institution:

The Credibility Coalition (CredCo for short) is an effort to develop a standard for third-party markup of stories and their credibility to inform platforms and AI initiatives.

We are working now on future rounds of testing data (you can find our initial study here and more info here), and we’d really like your help with recruiting students to annotate articles for us. This data will lay the groundwork for further explorations of article credibility on the web that our group will conduct. In order to develop the data, we need your students’ support in reviewing the articles and marking them up with a simple set of indicators.

Specifically, each student’s responsibilities include:

· Reading 50 science-related articles. These are not science journal articles but stories that have circulated on the internet. Different articles have different levels of credibility.

· Reviewing definitions of a few indicators. For instance, we might ask a student to look at an article and indicate if the article contains a clickbait headline. We’ll give them clear definitions of each indicator and how to rate them.

· Marking up, on a table or another platform that we’ll give them access to, a simple set of indicators of the article’s credibility.

In return, we can offer the following in compensation:

· We can pay a stipend with a ceiling of $150 for each student’s efforts.

· We can offer academic incentives (class credit, etc).

· If they choose, we can credit their support if we publish the data.

Time Commitment:

We hope to conduct this exercise very soon, and we expect each student’s efforts to take about 10-20 hours.

To apply:

If you have any questions at all, please contact Dwight Knell, who is leading the efforts, at

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