Data Scientist – LAC Group – Beltsville, MD

Job Summary:

LAC Group is seeking two qualified Data Scientists for a full-time and part-time opportunity with a major Federal Agency in Beltsville, MD. The Data Scientist will assist the agency in providing data management services for a broad cross-section of the agency’s research portfolio and increasingly to other agricultural researchers. Background in data science, data analytics, and repositories particularly in the agricultural and ecological sciences is a plus. We have 2 positions available for this one year contract. One full time (40 hours a week; Monday-Friday) benefited position and one part-time positions (20-30 hours a week) with no benefits.


  • Develop and get approval for a detailed planning document for several specific data analytics projects through consultation with Subject Matter Experts such as librarians, scientists, and administrators.
  • Conduct each analysis project as planned.
  • Attend regular Ag Data Commons and Data Science team meetings in order to gain
    appropriate context for analyses, gain feedback on approaches, and provide feedback to other team members.
  • Recommend data management system and curation process improvements so that KSD can better support data science activities in the future, such as improvements to
    application programming interfaces, data descriptions, and data quality.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field (Information, Data Science, Computer Science, Biology)
  • Coursework or one year of work experience indicating technical proficiency in basic data science skills. This includes knowledge and experience in some or all of the following: Unix/Linux shell command line, Jupyter notebooks, various data structures and common methods in data transformation; programming, markup, and query languages such as R and Python, HTML and XML, SQL and databases; tools such as Open Refine; and use of Application Programming Interfaces.
  • Coursework or one year of work experience with data analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, network analysis, or reasoning technologies to discover hidden relationships and to generate insights that support informed decision-making and scientific research. Includes experience with analytics and visualization tools (possible examples are Tableau, PowerBI, ArcGIS Story Maps, and D3).
  • Coursework or one year of work experience indicating knowledge of statistical concepts and their application to deriving insights from data. Knowledge of research catalogs, repositories, and applications such as Geonetwork, DKAN, PubAg, and VIVO.
  • Ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team including domain scientists, data specialists, and/or IT specialists to develop plans and communicate findings through written and oral reports, abstracts, summaries, charts, graphs, and other products.

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