CUA’s ASIS&T and LIS Alumnae Volunteer in Washington School for Girls’ Library

Before we get to the summary, I would like to thank those of you that came to the event for making it a success. I am confident that Jill will support me when I say we made a positive impact with our time and efforts. Without further ado, here is the summary of Saturday’s event.

On February 28, 2015, ASIS&T CUA student chapter members and several LIS alumnae met at Washington School for Girls for what has become an annual volunteer event. Without a librarian on staff, the library at the WSG Morris Rd. campus needed a little extra TLC. Volunteers created signage to help students identify subjects. 115 items were weeded from the non-fiction section, which will make the collection more approachable. The loss was balanced by the cataloging of 114 new items. Volunteers tidied up the fiction section that was out of sorts after students re-shelved items. Overall, the library received a much-needed refresh, and volunteers made new connections. Don’t wait for another ASIS&T event if you are interested in volunteering at WSG, reach out through

I hope ASIS&T can continue this partnership next year. Again, thank you to everyone for coming to our event.

Have a great week!

Colin McLaren


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