CUA LIS Alumna’s Article on Building a Search Interface Gets Published in Code4LIb Journal

CUA LIS Alumna, Ms. Katherine Perdue, recently published an article in the Code4Lib journal. “Bringing our Internet Archive collection back home: A case study from the University of Mary Washington” explores the implementation of a new search interface she assisted with building. The search interface, Eagle Explorer, serves as a cohesive unit for patrons to conduct full-text searches in the University of Mary Washington’s Internet Archive.

Not only is it a fantastic project to be part of because it uses many librarian skills but it will change the way patrons interact with information at the University for years to come.

“The Internet Archive is a great boon to smaller libraries that may not have the resources to host their own digital materials. However, individual items uploaded to the Internet Archive are hard to treat as a collection. Full text searching can only be done within an item. It can be difficult to direct patrons to local resources. Since 2010, the University of Mary Washington has uploaded over two thousand digitized university publications, including the student newspaper and the yearbook, to the Internet Archive. Taken together, these represent almost 100 years of UMW history. Using Apache Lucy, we built a search interface, Eagle Explorer, that treats our Internet Archive collection as a cohesive whole. Patrons can use Eagle Explorer to full-text search within the collection and to filter by date and publication. This article will describe how we created Eagle Explorer, the challenges we encountered, and its reception from the campus community”

Read more here:

Ms. Perdue is the Assistant Systems Librarian at University of Mary Washington Libraries in Fredericksburg, Va.

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