Biomedical Research Librarian – Darnall Medical Library, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center – Bethesda, MD

Darnall Medical Library, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), Bethesda, MD, has a GS-12 librarian vacancy which will be posted on from Friday, January 16 – Friday, January 30. There will actually be two job announcements: one for current federal employees and another for all US citizens. Please apply through the appropriate announcement. This biomedical research librarian position will cover the reference desk and respond to clinical queries affecting direct patient care, but the primary duty will be to build a comprehensive research service from scratch. We seek an energetic and outgoing person who will actively engage the WRNMMC research community and explore new ways to support them throughout the research lifecycle. We will set you up for success. We want you to shine.


This is a re-announcement. If you applied when the position was first announced in October 2014, we urge you to reapply if you are still interested!


Very Important Advice:

An HR specialist – who is not a librarian – will be the first person to evaluate your resume. The library only sees a list of candidates HR forwards on to us for further review. If your application does not get through HR, no one in the library will see it. If you want your application to get through HR and into our hands, please follow the tips below.


  1. Complete the online resume form provided in USAJOBS. You can send your existing resume or CV as supplemental material, but be sure to fill out the online resume form.
  2. The HR specialist only looks at the job duties you list under your job title. The specialist will not look other sections such as your publications, classes/training attended, classes/workshops taught, committee memberships, etc. to determine if you meet the qualifications of the position. For example, if you are an author on published systematic reviews, state that you conduct or participate in systematic reviews and the specific guidelines you follow as one of your job duties. Only listing your published reviews under a publications section will not suffice.
  3. Let your official position description be your guide to writing your job duties. Tell what you do in detail. Do not assume the HR specialist knows what a clinical librarian does on a daily basis or the meaning of acronyms such as EBP or EBM
  4. If you work at medical school, please make it clear that the “faculty” you assist are doctors, nurses, and allied health professions.
  5. Your job duties absolutely must include all of the experience listed under the “Experience required” section on the vacancy announcement. Be explicit. If your job duties do not reflect all of the experience listed under the “Experience required” section of the announcement, your application will not get through HR.
  6. It would be great if your job duties include the experience listed under the “Preferred but not required” section on the vacancy announcement, but this is not a requirement. The library is looking for a dynamic applicant who is willing to learn these new skills.


The library director, Kimberly Adams, will be happy to field inquires about the position at, but all candidates must apply through USAJOBS.


Darnall Medical Library serves WRNMMC and a number of outlying clinics in the Washington, DC, capital region. WRNMMC is the largest military medical center in the world, providing health care to over 1,000,000 service members and beneficiaries a year. The medical center has 65 GME programs, with approximately 750 trainees, and it is the site of over 1/3 of the research conducted in the Military Health System.

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