Archivist – National Gallery of Art – Washington, DC

The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., is seeking an experienced
archivist to participate in developing and managing innovative
approaches to professional archival responsibilities in the Gallery
Archives of the National Gallery of Art, especially in working with
electronic records and digital information systems, and in describing
and analyzing Gallery history and records in various media, and using
best archival practices to provide information about archival holdings
to the public and researchers via on-line and other writings,
exhibitions and features.  The incumbent also will be responsible for
supporting all aspects of the Gallery Archives program including
preserving records in every physical form; understanding and managing
traditional architectural and institutional records, digital and analog
images, and electronic record-keeping systems; providing records
guidance to Gallery offices; and evaluating, preserving and organizing
complex bodies of historical records.

This is a permanent private funded position that does not incur federal
status, but does afford the complete federal benefits package including
the Federal Employees Retirement (FERS) program.

Series and grade:          NF-1420-12
Salary range:                $75,621 to $98,305/ Per Year

Qualifications:  Candidates must meet the Qualification Standards Handbook requirements for the GS-1420-12.

This requires at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to
the GS-11 level in the Federal service or a Masters degree in archival
science or with a major that includes at least 18 hours in archival
science, history and /or political science or government. Specialized
experience is experience working as an archivist in a cultural
institution and working with institutional records.

Additional Experience:  In addition to a minimum of one year of
experience equivalent to the GS-11 level as required by the GS-12
qualification standards, candidates must have a minimum of five years of
progressively responsible independent professional experience as an
archivist in a cultural institution and working with institutional

Academy of Certified Archivists Archival Certification is preferred.

For more information and to apply for the position go to USAJOBS at the following link.

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