Alumni News: June 2011

Special Libraries Association (SLA) Conference

SLIS Alumni were well represented in the activities and awards of the 2011 SLA Annual Conference, June 12-15, in Philadelphia. Some SLIS alumni participants: Jennifer Klang, Head of Reference Services at the Department of the Interior Library (MSLS 2000) and James King, Information Architect at the NIH Library (MSLS 2002) presented a session on “ROI and Beyond” about returns on investment in libraries and librarians; James King was also named a 2011 Fellow of SLA. Bruce Rosenstein, SLIS adjunct professor (MSLS 1987), spoke at a Spotlight session, “Creating Your Future the Peter Drucker Way”. Jennifer McMahan, Supervisory Librarian at the Department of Justice (DOJ) Library (MSLS 1998 as Jennifer Souza), was a co-presenter with a DOJ Library colleague on “Mining Public Records”. Martin Kalfatovic, Associate Director for Digital Services at Smithsonian Institution Libraries (MSLS 1990) co-presented with a colleague from the Smithsonian Institution on “Going Mobile at the Smithsonian”. Eileen Boswell (MSLS 2009) co-presented with other solo librarians at a “Successful Stories of Solos” session. Kathy Kelly, SLA Government Information Division 2011 Secretary (MSLS 1994) and George Franchois, Director of the Department of the Interior Library (MSLS 2000) provided support to the SLA Government Information Division sessions and meetings.

SLIS faculty and adjuncts featured at the conference included Dave Shumaker, Clinical Associate Professor, who co-presented on “Embedded Librarianship” with embedded librarians from the Marine Corps University Library and The Mitre Corporation; and Blane Dessy (SLIS adjunct professor), Executive Director, Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC), who spoke on “Government Information Professionals: Now and Into the Future” at the Government Information Division’s Annual Business Meeting and Presentation. Blane’s session also featured a short video called “NewFeds Speak Up” from the FLICC NewFeds Working Group, which supports the development and advancement of federal librarians in their first 5 years of federal service. Karen Huffman (SLIS guest lecturer and adjunct professor), IS&T Manager of the Messaging and Collaboration Team of the National Geographic Society was named a 2011 Fellow of SLA. Karen also spoke at the Military and Government Divisions Unconference, and co-presented a session with Mary Talley (TalleyPartners Principal and Consultant) called “Building Successful Embedded Services Programs: A Strategic Approach”.

Other News

Benjamin T. Almoite (MSLS 2009) is now a Librarian at the Virginia State Law Library, a division of the Supreme Court of Virginia, in Richmond, VA. In addition to sharing responsibility at the Reference Desk, Ben will be maintaining the library’s automated serials system. He will also be responsible for the library’s collaborative project with the eight Virginia law school libraries to digitize Supreme Court of Virginia briefs and appendices. And he will manage the library’s contributions to the Chesapeake Digital Preservation Group, a joint digital preservation initiative of the Georgetown and Harvard Law School Libraries and the Virginia and Maryland State Law Libraries. Ben previously worked as the Reference Librarian at Keller and Heckman LLP in Washington, DC.

In Memoriam

Patricia W. Berger (MSLS 1974), former administrative librarian at the Institute for Defense Analysis, died on March 27, 2011. She had also worked at the PTO, EPA, and NIST throughout her career. She was an SLA Fellow (1987) and ALA President (1989-90) and had received the Catholic University of America (CUA) Alumni Achievement Award in 1988.

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