ALA Student-to-Staff Program

The ALA Student-to-Staff Program is a wonderful opportunity to network with librarians across the country and attend the 2015 ALA Annual Conference for free! The 2015 ALA Annual Conference will be held in San Francisco, June 25-June 30, 2015.

In exchange for working four hours per day at the conference from Friday through Monday (16 hours total), the participating student will receive:

  • Free conference registration;
  • Free housing (sharing a hotel room with another S2Ser); and
  • A per diem for meal expenses.

See the posting on how S2S program experience was by Jack Dale, who went to ALA in 2014 as a representative for CUA LIS. If you have any questions about S2S program and his experience, feel free to contact Jack as he kindly offered to communicate with you.

To qualify for the Student-to-Staff Program, the student must be:

  • A current ALA member;
  • A member of an ALA Student Chapter, a current student, and be a member through the 2015 Annual Conference; and
  • He or she cannot have previously participated in the program.
  • Students are eligible if they graduate in May immediately before the conference.
  • ALA supports student members through a wide array of programs and services. ALA Spectrum Scholars receiving funds to attend a Spectrum Leadership Institute through their scholarship are not eligible to participate in the Student-to-Staff program for the Conference in conjunction with the Leadership Institute. Required attendance at the Institute and conference events precludes the work requirements of the Students-to-Staff program. Incoming Spectrum Scholars and alumni are encouraged to apply.

Here are further details:

Students who are participating through the Student-to-Staff Program are expected to work 16 hours for 4 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) usually for one unit, such as the International Relations Office, the Public Information Office, the ALA Store, American Association of School Librarians, for the entire time; or for two units, 8 hours for one unit and 8 hours for another.

In return, each student receives free Annual Conference registration, $50 per diem [4 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) x $50 = $200] and housing (each student has a roommate whenever possible) for 5 nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). This means that students must be willing to arrive in San Francisco on Thursday evening and leave Tuesday morning. The registration and housing information are sent before the conference.  A $200 per diem check is sent a week or so before the conference to each student. You can find details from

Note: ALA will NOT pay for transportation costs (taxis, flights, etc.), and they are the students’ responsibility. However, funding could be available through GSA/AGLISS.

LIS will nominate one student to attend the conference. To qualify for this program, you must be an ALA member in good standing through the 2015 Annual Conference and have not participated before. You should be willing to share your experience in a brief report after attending the conference which could be share to CUA LIS community in some publication formats such as website and blog. Interested students should apply by submitting a 350-500 words essay describing how you would benefit from attending the conference and a copy of your unofficial CUA transcript.
Your application package should be submitted to Dr. Sue Yeon Syn ( by November 15th. The winner will be announced on in late November. Good Luck!

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